Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bliss of Loving You

I imagine myself sitting on a bench at the center of a meadow, where close by there is a lake. I feel the cool breeze of the wind while the sun shines bright. It feels like the air is embracing me, cuddling me like a child. It gives me comfort, makes me want to close my eyes. I am not alone. I take a deep breath and now I smell the beauty of the world, Your presence and the sweet scent of happiness in Your creation. I am smiling.

Then I let my eyes to wander and I gaze upon each beauty that surrounds me. I see beautiful flowers, that I have never seen before, in every color that I could imagine. I trace the shapes and curves of the things that I usually neglect, like the mountains, the rocks and the trees. You are very creative. You alone can make imperfect figures fit perfectly in this world.

I hear the water flowing and the birds singing as if they are choirs and the wind blowing are the instruments. The trees are dancing, as well as the green grass and the lovely flowers. I hear how the colorful butterflies court the flowers, flapping their wings around while they plan how to make more.

Then suddenly everything is on mute but it didn't shock me nor I felt afraid for not hearing anything. Instead, the sound of silence excites my heart. I hear her beating, whispering peace, happiness and love. I can hear my love for You.

I can feel... I can see... I can smell... I can hear Your love for me.

I can no longer think of anything to say nor can I remember my imperfections.

The sun is shining even brighter than it did a while ago. I see Your face but my world doesn't have the right words to describe Your beauty. I am trying hard and even harder to think of adjectives to go with Your name but every word fails to give justice to describe who You are.

Now all I can say is I love You, I worship You, I praise You, I thank You, I love You more than I have ever loved You. I am in awe. Your presence gives me happiness, I am in ecstasy. Water flows from eyes because of the joy that You are giving me. I miss You and I miss You everyday. You know how much I want to be with You, to talk to You and to endlessly say that I love You.

I love You so much Lord. Moments like this with You reminds myself to equip my brain with words and adjectives because I always fell short of things to say to You. I love You so much.

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