Thursday, August 9, 2012

Made to Praise

Hi! I just want to share my favorite song from my favorite album, the Praise Baby Collection: Born to Worship.

Peace, love and blessings! =)

 Made to Praise

From the earth to the sky,
I'm the apple of your eye
You created my form,
and knew me long before I was born

I was made to praise You
I was made to love
I was born to worship
the Father, the Son and Spirit of God.
Made in Your image and wrapped in Your love

From the sky to the earth
Lord, we celebrate Your birth
That You came as a man,
revealing to us Your wonderful plan

We were made to praise You
We were made for love
We were born to embrace You
The only God and Father above.
Made in Your image and wrapped in Your love.


SANTIAGO said...

Nice... thanks for sharing your favorite song!

ba san said...

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Joe Smith said...

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Manjunath said...

favorite song to us too.

Erik Eriksson said...

Nice song :)

ramzan said...

so nice blogger