Sunday, July 27, 2008

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An Atheist Started to Believe

I am not an atheist and I definitely adore and worship God with all of me. I made this whatever-it-is-called as I started to reflect why there is an increase number of atheist in the world. I tried to put my self in the shoes of an atheist and I tried not to be bias. But I guess God is just too good for me not to acknowledge His presence.

When I woke up this morning,
I wondered who I am;
Will I be the same man who will
live his life the way he wants?
What if I'll say I'm tired now
And I want to end my journey
Will it end because I wanted it to be?
But end my journey going where?

OMG I guess I am lost now.
Oh my! I just said God.
Does He really exist?
I mean, no he doesn't!
But what made other people believes
he does?

They said He made the world in 6 days
Like, how could that possibly be?
No man could be that powerful based in Science
and there's no evidence for that.

Oh wait, yes!
They said he's not a man.

But c'mon people,
Science has the evidence of evolution.
Man evloved from monkeys.
But wait, if evolution is true;
Then where did the first thing comes from?

Somebody must have made it.
But who did?
Man is the most talented and clever.
But they just evolved from monkeys.

Oh wait!
Maybe some powerful creature made it.
Is that creature named God?
Is my life's journey leading to Him?

You, the so called God..
You won't let me end my life, will you?
Well fine!
I guess it won't hurt to let you talk
And let my heart listen.

Maybe you are true
Because the world is still revolving
despite of all the crimes, hatreds and calamities.
OMG you are really true!
I guess I am starting to cry now.
I am crying now.
I think you are really true.
I think I've missed you God!

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nelson "ding" lao said...

an atheist.. i think thats my friend.. gilot.. nyhhahaha.. just joking.. he believe but doesnt show it.. how is everything there??