Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Paris Hilton for Vice President

A while ago, I had a very funny conversation with my dad and I just can't stop laughing about it.

Here it is..

Dad: You know, I read a newspaper in the Philippines that said Paris Hilton will run for Vice President.

Mom: Paris Hilton?!

Me: Paris Hilton?!! *laughs*

Dad: Yes! I read a news. They said Paris Hilton will and she will paint the White House pink!

Mom and I: *laughs* and more *laughs*

Dad: I'm serious!

Mom: Paris Hilton?!

And more laughs while my father insisted that it is true..


Idk if my dad is really serious but he sure looked like he is when he told us! But anyway it really made me laugh because I can't imagine what will America do to her while she campaigns. My dad is a really good storyteller!


JacksonywL said...

visit you back XD

vhincent said...

I think i saw this in the news we find it funny also :) (my wife)

just dropping by from pinoy bloggers, where are you base? Philippines? US?

penlighted said...

Thank you for visiting jackson!
I'm in NY right now..

Pointless Endeavor said...

Yeah that was on the news.. she even made an advestisement about it bashing John Mccain.. No she was gonna run for President not Vice and she endorsed that Rihanna would be her Vice.. haha that was so funny but I must say Paris is pretty sweet.. I mean no offence to Paris haters but she is after all hot.. hehe And being a girly girl as she looks, I'm not surprised she even expressed to paint the White House pink.. Search the video on youtube. its pretty funny.

Ikmal Ezzani said...

your dad is funny.

but wow? is it for real. i don't known that. haha.