Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Kingdom of Jesus (story)

Have you been to the Kingdom of Jesus? I heard it's a nice place to visit...well actually I have seen their advertisement yesterday. I saw their invitation on the television and also I received a leaflet at the mall. They are inviting people to visit their place and they also said that they are now welcoming people to be their citizen. I don't know if I would like to be a Christian,that's what they call their citizens, just like Americans in America, but I will surely go and visit that place.
The Kingdom of Jesus is great! They welcomed me with trumpets and songs, with a bouquet of flowers, a lei and some fruits I have never tasted before. I was really surprised and I felt like they have mistaken me for somebody else. I never had reservations, neither arranged any kind of vacation packages. I wonder how they got my name or knew I was coming...oh well, they must have taken all names of the people from the airline we've been. I wasn't actually the only one who was surprised but we enjoyed it anyway. After all, they didn't ask for any payments anyway not even a tip for the performers.

This country must be very rich. With the kind of service that they give and the kind of place they have, how couldn't it be? Plus, the great thing is that they said I shouldn't think of paying everything while I am here. They said there's no catch. They served me the best of things even if I chose to have the simple one. Whatever for now! I'll just sue them if they will ask me to pay a large amount of cash. They insisted and they even said that they only have the best. I'm sure I am not the only one who will file a complain later. I should better enjoy this place now like everyone else.
This place is amazing! A month of being here alone for a vacation and not being bored at all is just amazing! I met new friends here from the games, sports, parties, beach and all the like. The crews are really friendly! But I had only met visitors...I am really looking forward to meet some citizens because I want to ask if this place is really great. I asked the guard/head of the crew or whatever that guy should be called this morning about how to be a citizen and he said that the immigration office and the gate to the kingdom will be open for public viewing tomorrow.

"Gate to the kingdom?", I nearly shouted.
"Yes, gate to the kingdom. Just like a resort, for example, they have what we called a reception area. You are still now in the reception area of the Kingdom of Jesus. Tomorrow you will be allowed to view the gate and somebody will explain everything further but I assure you that choosing to be a Christian is the best thing that you can do.", he explained.
"Whatever about being a Christian...I am still in a reception area? This greatness is just a reception area?", I thought.
We are not at the hall waiting for the speaker to introduce the Kingdom of Jesus. Millions of people are now gathered in this area. Imagine, millions! This reception area is really big for it to cater all of us. How much more the actual kingdom? The thought of it makes me giggle and really excited. I am sure these people are thinking the same. The service at the "reception area" was really great and definitely it would make you want to stay there forever.

"Did you have fun?", the speaker began.
People replied with a yes and a cheer.
"The Kingdom of Jesus is different than the area where you are right now. The Kingdom of Jesus is just beyond words for you to express your feelings of fulfillment. The Kingdom of Jesus is all about happiness. Can you see that building?", he pointed to a structure that I can compare to a White House at Washington DC, "In that building you will have your preparation."

The speaker said that the Kingdom of Jesus is a wonderful place and just perfect. That's why they have to screen the people who would want to live in that place. The place is just perfect and they don't want anybody to go there with negative things that can affect their citizens. First, they said that you must believe in Jesus. They said that they don't want to allow any people who doesn't believes in Him. The people must have genuine trust in Jesus so He could work well. I thought that is just reasonable. I don't want to live a place with people who will just protest at the streets and act as if they knew better.

Then the speaker continued that at the preparation area, we will be purified. He said that in that area we can see our heart like a pin cushion and slowly they will pull out the pins in it. They said that they want their citizens to have a pure heart so that only happiness and contentment will be felt inside. Through the process of pulling out the pins, he said that we should face what caused the pins to be stuck in our heart. He said that sometimes our brain will try to pretend to forget a memory that caused us pain but it still does remain in our heart. In order for people to be purified, they must check their hearts and slowly pull the pins one at a time. He said that this process is painful and can sometimes make you quit but, he said, that it is okay to ask for a break once in a while.

He continued that it is okay to feel weak and take the process of purification slower than other people as long as you believe in Jesus. For in believing in Him you can find the strength to submit your self to do what should be done and face what you should face in order for you to be purified.

Sounds like a great deal for me.
Now we are ask to take a peek at the building one by one...Some took a step in but there are also some people who ran away, took their stuffs and immediately left the place.

...and now it's my turn...

I can see why some people ran away. I can see things that would really make me want to go away but I believe in Jesus and I know I'll be in good hands. I also believe that taking the pins out from my heart can help my heart breathe better.

I'll be going inside now...
The Kingdom of Jesus...would you like to stay here forever?


Anonymous said...

Forever. I will. :-) I have not experienced much of that community, but the dream I can relate to. :-)

Anonymous said...

Paige what a powerful post my friend! It simply took my breath away! Wow!

Love you!

LisaShaw said...

Stopped by to say hi and to see how you are doing. You are clearly doing well by what you're sharing here (smile).

God bless you!

Lori said...

The part about how our brains try to forget memories, but they still remain in our hearts...great writing!

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