Wednesday, December 31, 2008

8 Truths to Remember

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1. Faith is the ability not to panic.

2. If you worry, you didn't pray. If you pray, don't worry.

3. God wants spiritualt truths, not religious nuts.

4. Do the math. Count your blessings.

5. Laugh everyday, it's like inner jogging.

6. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.

7. Silence is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted.

8. There is no key to happiness, the door is always open.

Happy New Year everyone! Have a blessed 2009.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Father, am I disturbing You?

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2009 is coming and I just wish I can slow down the time. I don't want to leave 2008 because I am afraid to face the coming year. My application for the immigration is still pending and I only have less than a year to make things done. Problems...problems..sigh

"let go and let God. let go and let GOD!"

I have to constantly remind my self to do that. I just have to trust Him but being a weak human being I just can't avoid not to think of how will God solve everything. In Him nothing's impossible and I have to keep that in mind. I get really depress, sad and scared when I think about our problems but I believe He will never leave me alone, abandoned. Day by day and every hour of those days I get more and more curious about how God's going to fix things. Am I disturbing Him by doing so? Am I causing Him to slow down? I guess so. ='(

I had cried secretly for a couple of days and got tired of crying. Then, I begged for Him to take all my worries and to make me strong. The next day, I feel no pain anymore. I stopped worrying. I know He will answer us. I know He will. He will. He will. He will.

It's just that...I am really getting stubborn, eager and curious about how He will do it.

Oh God, I am sorry if I am bothering You so much. You had taught me how to trust You. Now, please teach me how to be patient.

Jesus, King of mercy. I trust in You.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Get Your Head in the Game

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Are you familiar with Monopoly? If you're not, well, it is a board game wherein the players will be given money and they can use it to buy properties, build houses and upgrade it as the game goes on. The player with the most money and properties wins.

This holiday season my family got a chance to enjoy this game and play instead of doing nothing. My dad, my mom, my younger brother and I competes with each other and it is usually my mom who wins the game.

While we were playing we had some reflections about life that I would like to share...

At times when I had the most property, I didn't care about how many steps would I get from the dice anymore. I didn't have to worry because I owned everything. I can land anywhere and not care because everything's mine. At the beginning it was really exciting because other players pay me and I just kept on collecting money but after a while the game became boring.

There was also a time when I had the most money but unfortunately I couldn't land on properties. It is either I land on chances or end up on a property that I already owned. Even if I had the most money it seemed like it was useless because I couldn't use it.

Isn't it that life is also like that? You would end up not caring about your life when you have no problem. If God will make it perfect, with no flaws, it would become boring. If you can have everything, then living your life will become nonsense, absurd, foolish and crazy. It would become a life living with no life.

What about having all the wealth? Money can't buy everything. It can't buy happiness, love and peace. We can't even use it once we die. I am not a hypocrite. I am not saying I don't need it but I believe being the wealthiest person on earth can't make me problem free, secured, happy 24/7 nor I can buy peace and salvation for everybody.

And wait...there's one more thing..we also tried playing the game with equal share of biddings and no negotiation. It means that we had tried to maintain that every player would be equal. And we thought..well it is nonsense! It felt like we were not playing. So we conclude that if God had made everybody the same and equal, life would not be exciting to live. We couldn't see improvements and, still, it would be living a life with no life.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Blessing to Our Family

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This is my handsome younger brother, Phillip Jay and I can't believe that he is turning 12 tomorrow.

Jay is an answered prayer. I remember and well my parents would remind him how I prayed and begged God for me to have a younger sibling. I would cry every night and pray for a blessing.

He was born on December 24, 1996 at around 11 pm. I remember how happy I was when my mother told me that she was pregnant months before that day and I also remember how eager I was to help in cleaning our house the day before his arrival.

I also remember taking care of him, putting him to sleep, preparing his milk, playing with him and just telling him how "ate" loves him so much.

I love my brother so much and I want him to be completely happy. I don't care if I don't have anything as long as he can have something.

Jay, I am sorry if sometimes you think that I am mean. It's just that I want you to be a perfect gentleman . I want you to be corrected every time you are wrong. I don't want you to waste the wonderful opportunities that you have. I know sometimes I act like I am mommy but it's just that I don't want you to get hurt and I want you succeed. Study hard and never exchange education for one-time happiness, like your computer games. I love you very much. Enjoy your day!

Friday, December 19, 2008

On God's Throne

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Have you ever tried to imagine how is it like to be on God's throne? What if God will give you a chance to be in control of everything? Okay not everything, just your life and let's say just for an hour. What if you can have the chance to miraculously do the things that you want in your life for that hour?

I have tried to do that myself and yes I had started to plan a lot of things. I planned not only for myself and my family but also for the people whom I can help. As I continued to manipulate our lives I realized that I could alter a lot of people's future even by just changing a number of someone's present. I continued to plan and watched carefully every detail so I won't mess up things. I gave up and laughed at myself but I stayed beside God for a while to watch how He does things.

While I was watching Him, I couldn't help not to be amaze by how He does things and yes I got some headache. No not some, my head really hurts bad! Why? Imagine how many people are there in the world, how many people are praying and asking for His help and how many people does He needs to constantly send instruments to return to Him. In addition, people are also connected with each other that by just changing one, two or more lives will also be changed.

I got dizzy by just thinking about how God does things, and yes I still don't know how He does it, but by just trying to figure things out I had understood why God kept on reminding us to be patient and wait for things to be done in His time. Surely God can do whatever we want to be done in our lives but I am sure God doesn't want to mess up others as well. Remember, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1


The Clock's Tick

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I'm sitting here alone in my room
with nothing else to do
Praying and hearing the clock
that goes tick-tack-tick, I don't know what to do

Oh Jesus!
Teach me how to be patient
Oh Sacred heart!
Jesus, I trust in You

You said, Be still my child
and know that You're my God
Everything has been planned
Waiting to be done in His time

Then Father reminded me
About the King's life on earth
Everything wasn't laid before Him
He has to live and wait for the right time

Oh Jesus!
Lend me a heart that is patient
Oh Sacred Heart!
You know that I trust in You

Oh Jesus!
I am beginning to be impatient
As I hear the clock
That goes tick-tack-tick

Oh Sacred Heart!
I know I just have to trust You
Help me to be still and wait
Just like what I have to do

Monday, December 15, 2008


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Lea Salonga's version of Paraiso, Ryan Cayabyab's favorite rendition of his original composition which was originally performed by a group in the Philippines called Smokey Mountain.

PARAISO (Lyrics)

Return to a land called Paraiso,
a place where a dying river ends.
No birds there fly over Paraiso,
no space allows them to endure.
The smoke that screens the air,
the grass that's never there.

And if I could see a single bird, what a joy.
I try to write some words and create
a simple song to be heard
by the rest of the world.

I live in this land called Paraiso,
in a house made of cardboard floors and walls.
I learned to be free in Paraiso,
free to claim anything I see.
Matching rags for my clothes,
plastic bags for the cold.

And if empty cans were all I have, what a joy.
I never fight to take someone
else's coins and live with fear
like the rest of the boys.

Paraiso, help me make a stand.
Paraiso, take me by the hand
Paraiso, make the world understand
that if I could see a single bird, what a joy.
This tired and hungry land could expect
some truth and hope and respect
from the rest of the world

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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Yesterday, December 12, was the birthday of my mom. We had a dinner at the Century Diner Buffet to celebrate her 44th birthday and then we went to the video store to buy and rent some DVDs. It was just a simple celebration but I know that the most important thing is that we had given thanks to the Lord for another year that He had given to her.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

From Daddy, Kuya Philip, Phoebe and Phillip Jay

Great Mom
Happy birthday, Mom!
I hope everyone can see,
What a great mom you’ve always been,
And how much you mean to me.
I always think about you,
In times both good and bad,
For the things you taught are with me,
In happy times and sad.
So on this day I wish you joy,
Just like you pass around.
May all your good times multiply,
And happiness abound.
By Karl Fuchs

Blog Awards!

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From The Heart of Worship

From Valerie of Simply 4 God

I am very sorry if it took me this long to get the award
but I would just like you to know that
I am very thankful for the blessings that you've shared.
Thank you for inspiring me to write as well as for encouraging me
when I feel down. Thank you for being one of my angels in the blogosphere.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love to Pray

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Not long ago,alright I can't remember how long ago it was, I had attended a seminar which I can't really remember what it was all about but I remember the speaker had asked us how many minutes or hours do we spend in praying. He told us to raise our hands if we belong to the group that he will mention. He mentioned 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and a minute. I noticed that there were only a few of us who raised in the "1 hour" group.

I raised my hand that time not because I pray for an hour. I raised because it felt like I was praying for an hour. ^_^ I don't really keep track the time but I might had prayed that long because of the format that was being taught to me to follow. The format is praise God, thank Him, say your sorry then your petitions. My prayer was more like a homework for me to do. It was something that I really don't feel like doing that is why it felt like it was very tiring to do. But my mom would constantly remind me to pray and she would really get mad if I won't and I really don't want to make my mom angry, so I follow her. ^_^

When Jesus changed my heart, praying became an easy thing to do. I still follow the format but not when I pray alone. What amaze me is that you know that you are kneeling or sitting there to pray, you have Him in your heart and mind but then you can't find any words to say.

When Jesus changed me, my heart is constantly in praying mode. I can pray while I am in the train, in the bus, while walking, cooking, taking a bath...anywhere, anytime! I love to pray. I love to pray. I love taking to God about nonsense things. I talk to Him about anything and everything. I don't think I have to be ashamed and to limit my stories to my Father.

Looking back to those days when I just knew who Him and not accept Him fully, I really thought that people who prays anywhere are weird. I thought it was a very holy thing to do. I thought it is not possible for an ordinary person to do. ^_^

I bet that there are a lot of people in the streets, in the train, in the bus or in the mall who would also think that I am weird when I tell them that I am praying while I am standing, walking or sitting there with them. Pray, God, Jesus and Church are some of the words that can paint a really funny face to some people.

The reason that I am sharing this is not to boast about how long do I pray. *_* I would just like to share my reflection towards the reaction of my friend when I said "I pray" when she asked me what do I do at home. It was an awkward moment but I understand her. I know I will react the same way she reacted when someone will tell me the same thing 8 years ago.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Traditions

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What are your traditions for Christmas?

The Pastor Priest in my Church decided to bring "simbang gabi" here in New York. Simbang gabi, or a mass every night/early morning for 9 days before Christmas is a tradition in the Philippines to celebrate the Advent Season.

He introduced it to other church goers as Mass Novena before Christmas. There are different groups who were assigned for each night and the second day, I think, was assigned to the Filipinos. The groups are spanish, italians, phil-american, american and other groups that I am not really sure who are them.

The Filipino team is planning to prepare the traditional foods of the Filipinos for Simbang Gabi.

Having a mass for Jesus is a great way to celebrate Christmas, isn't it?

Advent Season

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Advent (from the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming") is a season of the Christian church, the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus; in other words, the period immediately before Christmas. It is the beginning of the Western liturgical year and commences on Advent Sunday. The Eastern churches begin the liturgical year on 1 September.The Eastern Christian equivalent of Advent is called the Nativity Fast but it differs both in length and observances. The progression of the season may be marked with an Advent calendar, a practice introduced by German Lutherans. At least in the Roman Catholic calendar, Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25; in other words, the Sunday between November 27 and December 3 inclusive. Latin adventus is the translation of the Greek word parousia, commonly used in reference to the Second Coming. Christians believe that the season of Advent serves a dual reminder of the original waiting that was done by the Hebrews for the birth of their Messiah as well as the waiting that Christians today endure as they await the second coming of Christ. (From Wikkipedia)

An Advent Prayer

Emmanuel- God with us,
I invite you today to come be with me
and grant me Your blessing.

Help me in this busy season not to miss
the miracle of Your coming in the "everyday-ness"
as well as on the feast of Christmas.

Save me from concern or anxiety
about what to give...
and help me give attention to how I give
my time, my listening and sharing
my help and attention,
my preparation for prayer and worship,
and my prayer itself.

May all this season's gatherings
with family, at Church, at work and with friends
be filled with the joy, reverence and patience
which Advent celebrates.

As Your follower and beloved child
may I prepare my heart
so that Your Word may become flesh
in me and in all whom I meet.


From the Pastor's Desk
Fr. Jed Sumampong, C.P

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Champion Bows Down Before the Most High

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Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines defeated 10-times world champion Oscar De La Hoya with an eighth-round TKO in their non-title fight in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Out of the 44 fights of De la Hoya this is the only fight that had battered him and cause him to be hospitalize.

Before the fight, people doubted the skill of Manny and thought it was a mismatch. Well, it is really a mismatch! Pacquiao won a games that is seemed to be an easy one for him.

So what do you think might be his secret?

God and prayer, my friend!

Pacman always celebrates the Holy Eucharist before his fight. He also prays before the game begins. Not only that, Manny also prays after every game, win or lose he prays and thank God. In addition, Manny is really blessed because he shares it to other people. Pacquiao always give goods to the poor in the Philippines.

Truly there is nothing impossible when you ask God for help and lift up His name no matter what happens.

Congratulations Manny!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there

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Last Tuesday when we had our prayer meeting somebody from the group had shared an episode from the Twilight Zone during the Bible sharing. Being a fan of the show I immediately knew that I should watch it myself because I know it would definitely be one of the great episodes of the Twilight Zone.

The story goes like this...

A Nice Place to Visit

Henry "Rocky" Valentine was robbing a pawnshop. He shoots a night watchman, and then a policeman, but before he can get away he was shot by another police officer.

When he woke up he found himself seemingly unharmed by the encounter. He is now in the company of a pleasant individual named “Pip” who tells Rocky he is his guide and has been instructed to grant Rocky whatever he desires. Rocky was suspicious at first and thought Pip is a cop but decided to follow Pip after he was given some money.

Pip then brought Rocky in a luxurious apartment and told him that it is Rocky's property. Demanding to know what he must do to acquire all this luxury, Rocky remains skeptical when he is told it's all for free. Despite his suspicions, Rocky begins to relax, change his clothes and took a shower, after which he is presented with a meal served on a silver platter. He suddenly becomes suspicious and demands Pip to taste the food, believing it to be poisoned. When Pip claims he can't remember how to eat, Rocky shoots him in the head but finds the bullets just bounce off, leaving Pip unharmed. Rocky now realizes he is dead and immediately assumes he has died and gone to heaven and Pip must be his guardian angel. Pip does not confirm his theory and merely says "yes, something like that."

Later, Rocky was already playing in a casino, surrounded by beautiful girls and winning every game he plays. Outside he sees a tall policeman and is able to make him smaller and thus pick on him. He returns fully contented to his apartment with the girls and Pip, and asks to see some of his former friends who have died. He is told by Pip that this will be difficult, this "paradise" is his own private world and none of the people are real except for them.

Soon, however, after a month he became so thoroughly bored by always having his whims satisfied and predictably winning at anything he attempts, he tells Pip "I don't belong in heaven, see? I want to go to the other place". Pip retorts "Heaven? Whatever gave you the idea that you were in heaven, Mr. Valentine? This is the other place! "

Well...sure it is a nice place but I definitely wouldn't want to live there!

Heaven or the Kingdom of God is not about getting what we want. It is not being rich, famous, having all the luxuries nor having a problem-free life. The happiness and satisfaction that God can give us comes from within. It comes from something deep that we can't even explain why we are happy or contented by the little thing that we have.

The happiness that Christians feel about their life is unexplainable. The wonders of God can't be explained by words. The only reason is God, His love for us and the Salvation from Jesus, that makes us happy, whole and contented.

A true happiness and full satisfaction cannot be achieved by owning and decorating your self with the most expensive jewelries. It can be achieve by filling your heart with the Holy Spirit for the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Speaking in Tongue Proven to be The Work of The Holy Spirit

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Out of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues is my favorite. I know most often people think that we are crazy, too emotional or just making it up. Well, whatever to them! ^_^ I love speaking in tongues.

There are a lot of things that I would like to say to God. I want to praise and worship Him using all the words that I could think of to help me express what I feel for Him but it is not enough. Speaking in my own language, in my native language or in English, seems not to help me say everything to my Father.

Whenever I am in a state of having a deep connection with God, everything I care about my life on Earth doesn't matter anymore. During those times, I rarely tell Him what I want. I rarely pray for my petitions. My prayers are mostly telling God how much I love Him and just plainly praising Him. I know God can hear my heart every second and I know He sees what I need.

When we are praying for our petitions, I think saying it in our own language can satisfy us because we clearly know what we want. Praising God is different. Thanking Him is different. Worshipping God is different. Words aren't enough to lift up His name. Words aren't enough to help me express my love for God.

Speaking in tongues is an amazing gift from the Holy Spirit. Let's see what science can tell us about this...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

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I would like to thank my friend from I Whisper to God for giving me this award. It is such a wonderful feeling that a blessing would greet you when you wake up.

This is not the only blessing that I had received today and I believe that this day will be full of graces from my Father.

Tuesdays really excites me because it is the day when the Prayer Group of our church will meet. I am really amazed by how God had changed my life.

Honestly, praying meetings, Bible sharing or attending mass was boring for me. I wanted to be closer to God but I just don't know why praying was very tiring, felt awkward and it was really hard to do. Even attending an hour of the Holy Eucharist felt like it can drain my energy.

But God is really great, amazing and good. He heard my prayer when I asked Him to help me be closer to Him. He changed me and now I want more and more of Him everyday. My heart is always in praying mode. I pray not because it is a routine or an act that my parents had taught me. I pray because I want to talk to God and thank Him for Jesus.

Thank you Father for everything. Thank you for my friend who had given me this award. I wouldn't have received this award if You hadn't changed me yesterday.

Now...I would also like to award this to some of my friends. I love your blog and I love reading your entries. Thank you for the things that you had shared that helped me reflect.

Valerie of Simply 4 God
Lori of Persevere
Tracy of Seed Thoughts
Lori of My Own Road Home
Diane of Stepping into the Light
Gi of U Can Hope 2

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tell The World of His Love

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Tell The World of His Love
by Jamie Rivera

For God so loved the world
He gave us Him only Son
Jesus Christ our Savior
His most precious one
He has sent us His message of love
And sends those who hear
To bring the message to everyone
In a voice loud and clear

Let us tell the world of His love
The greatest love the world has known
Search the world for those who have walked
Astray and lead them home
Fill the world's darkest corners
With His light from up above
Walk every step, Every mile, Every road
And tell the world, Tell the world of His love

(Tell the world of His love)
(Tell the world of His love)

Our Lord our savior our king
Emmanuelle prince of peace
Begotten of the Father's love
Born to set us free
Let heaven and earth sing His phrases
His righteousness proclaim
Let every heart rejoice in His love
And magnify His name

Let us tell the world of His love
The greatest love the world has known
Search the world for those who have walked
Astray and lead them home
Fill the world's darkest corners
With His light from up above
Walk every step, Every mile, Every road
And tell the world, Tell the world of His love

(Tell the world of His love)

Let us tell the world of His love
The greatest love the world has known
Search the world for those who have walked
Astray and lead them home
Fill the world's darkest corners
With His light from up above
Walk every step, Every mile, Every road
And tell the world, Tell the world of His love

(Tell the world of His love)
Tell the world of His love

Miracles are Everywhere and It Happens Everyday

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Today, I'm going to share a testimony of how great is our God. This one is a story of my mother that she kept on telling us as a reminder whenever we start to worry about things.

I wish I had a chance to share this story to that person who posted in yahoo that God would have to do 100 miracles in front of him before he will believe in Him and also to the one who asked "why doesn't God do miracles anymore?"...

Anyway, here's the story...

There was this time when our family no longer have food to be cooked for lunch- no rice, no meat, nothing. My dad was not home and my mother was not yet paid from her work.

Our helper then asked my mom what should we have for lunch. My mom said she will not be paid from her job until the next day and she added, "If God will let us eat then He will provide. If He won't let us, then we won't have lunch."

Well guess what? Somebody knocked and paid my mom for the Avon products that she awes her. She gave my mom 50php which that time is enough to buy a kilo of rice and some cooked dish.

We had our lunch then after that my mom was able to get her salary.

I believe that that is a miracle!

Mom, constantly remind us that God's miracle can happen everyday and everywhere. God's miracle doesn't have to be a complete cure from your illness but it can be the day that God had given you to live and make use of the chance to enjoy life. It doesn't have to be a million dollars but it can be your job, the food that you eat, your shelter, and your clothes.

Our life is compose of miracles and gifts from God every second of it.

"There are two ways to live:
you can life as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle."
-Albert Einstein