Monday, September 29, 2008

"Be Still My Child" - God

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A lot of times we worry so much because of our problems. Often times we try to solve it on our own and kept our selves busy trying to figure out how we should handle it. Sometimes we pray but our prayers are only full of questions.

But it shouldn't be that way...

At times when we are in pain, troubled or down, all we have to do is surrender everything to God. His arms are the best comfort that we could have. His arms are the best shield that can protect us from any trials.

Be still and have faith. Let God's love be your shelter and you'll see that even the strongest storm can't touch you.

"I never said it would be easy...I only said it would be worth it."- Jesus

Words and Music by Reuben Morgan

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank you for your prayers...

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I had already taken my TOEFL online this morning and I am really glad that it is already over. The exam was really practical but I would not say it is easy. We were asked to read long paragraphs, listen to lectures and conversations, and write a reaction about a certain topic. So basically the purpose of the exam is to know how well we can understand and communicate using english.

The reading part was the easiest part for me because ideas are already presented and that you still have time to evaluate your answer. The writing part was ok because all I have to do was to react and write just like what I am doing here but of course it's not easy to defend your answer especially when you are not familiar about a topic. The part that I am not comfortable about is the speaking because you just don't have to speak in english but also you have to organize your thoughts. I was time pressured and was really nervous that there are moments that I had said my point more than once.

But overall I was satisfied and I know I was blessed and guided. To God be the glory! This is a good start for me.

Once again, thank you. Good night!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Children Learn What They Live With

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If a child lives with love, he learns to give love.

If a child lives with trust, he learns to have faith.

If a child lives with security, he learns to be just.

If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with goodness, he learns to be confident.

If a child lives with friendship, he learns to find love.

If a child lives with acceptance, he learns to like himself.

-Prayers for Young Hearts

Fr. "Swamy" Ch. Balashowry

Be back soon...I would just like to make my existence be felt..^_^ and to share something from the book that I've been reading.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Please pray for me..

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I will be taking the TEOFL exam on the 27th. It's an english exam and it consists of constructing sentence, writing and speaking. It's a requirement in college so I really have to pass. I am really nervous about it but I know God is with me.

I am not sure if I can still post entries before that date because I really have to study. This is my first step so that I can continue my course soon.

Wish me luck and please help me pray for it.
God bless us all

Friday, September 19, 2008

When I See My Father

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If You will give me a chance to come face to face with You,
I would definitely just hug You tight and close my eyes while I feel Your embrace.
There's a lot of things that I wanted to share with you Lord
but I know it's not about what I want in this life,
for having the chance to be with You is the only thing that I desire.
You might laugh at me for saying only the words
thank you and I love you randomly for hours and hours;
but Lord, I just can't think of anything to say except those words.

As I sit alone in my room away from the material world that You had blessed me,
I feel contented by just knowing that You are always there.
I feel like I have everything by just knowing that I had finally accepted You in my life.
At this moment, I wonder how many people are talking to you right now
and what are they telling You.

Some people gives You thanks and praise,
others are begging for You to heal them or their loved ones,
their would be souls that are newly born at this moment and that are asking for Your
forgiveness for the times they had taken you for granted,
and I'm sure their are some who are laughing at You
and mocking Your existence at this moment
That's a lot of voices God with different emotions thrown to You.
But despite of those things, You never failed to listen to us
and even at the times that all I want is just your hug.
I simply thank you Father for all the things You've done for me.
Please continue to guide me Lord so that I won't be lost.
Please control me Lord because I know I can still do things that can hurt You
and I don't want You to be hurt because of me.
Help me Lord to follow your commands so that by the time that I can actually be with You,
I will never be shy to hug You.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crafted by the Potter

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I was taken, molded, used, filled and guided; for I had given my life to the Potter's hand.
My life had changed. I became happier and contented with what I have.
Although I never pray for what I want but I keep on praying for Him to craft everything well in His perfect hands.
Even though I don't speak of what I want, I know that He knows everything well and I'm even more thankful for He had given me more than what I want and more than what I think I deserve. I know that I am still weak.
I still want the material things that this world can offer but I pray that He will guide me and teach me so I can live my life through His eyes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hands of The Writer and The Artist

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My classmates and friends, even when I was still in elementary, are really amazed by the way I hold the pen. They think it is odd and it suprises me that they think it is because I can write well that way.

Well, that's only until I saw how my younger brother holds the pen. It is very similar to the way I hold it and honestly, I thought it is really weird.

This is my brother Phillip. He's 11 and he loves to draw.

This is the way how he holds the pen.

This is the way I hold the pen.

Here are some of his drawings..

^_^ just sharing ^_^

The 8 Random Facts

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I've been tagged by my friend, Valerie, of Simply 4 God to give 8 Random Facts about myself.

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

The 8 Random Facts about Me:

1. I have never climb a tree. T_T When I was kid, I was often left behind because my playmates would climb a tree. My parents are really protective and they don't want me to get hurt that's why I never get a chance to climb. I never disobey but I still wish I can climb a tree and experience the wind up there.

2. I hate noise. I hate to go clubbing. I hate loud music. I easily get irritated with so much noise. I love to be in a peaceful place but I can stand the loud sound of the falls.

3. My friends are usually my classmates or became my classmate. I am really not good in socializing but I know that I am friendly by heart. I talk with confidence online but not in the real world. I am always afraid that people might not accept me. I don't talk right away to people. I some kind of make a wall between someone who is new. I observe their behaviors first before I actually start to mingle. I do it not by choice but as something to protect myself that naturally occurs. I value friendship very much. I don't easily judge my friends and I have a lot of patience for them. In the contrary, I really don't know why but I talk about God with confidence. It doesn't matter if they are my new friends or old friends. I just can because of God's words.

4. I love spicy foods. Love it. Love it. Love it!!!

5. I actually prayed to have my younger brother. My mom would always tell my brother that I always cry at night and ask God to give me a younger siblings.

6. I started joining Charismatic Prayer Meetings since I was 3 years old. I always volunteer to share and talk in front after a reading. I never share something that is related to the verse but I always say something about why I am grateful to God. (As told by my mother)

7. I hate action and too much drama in a movie. I want feel-good, comedy, karate (action for me means a lot of violence and noise, think of Alien vs. Predator), fantasy or anything that doesn't make my head and heart aches.

8. I am easy to please. I honestly appreciate even the simplest thing that someone does and gives me.

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Do we have to work for salvation?

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A lot of times I've been saying that we have to work for our salvation but I understand that God had already sent Jesus to save us. I know that salvation is free and that we just have to receive it.

Receiving salvation is not like receiving a candy from a friend. We receive it by heart and with all our soul and being. It sounds so easy but it's not. The other side doesn't want us to go to Jesus so they will distract our faith with all the good promises, leaving us with doubts that Jesus can save us.

You ask, "Why would not God stop the opposite side? If He is powerful then He can easily do that."

It's a way of testing our faith. God had given salvation for free but we have to get it our selves. Don't you think it's too much if He would hand it to us and take it for us? Just like the yin and yang, it says we need darkness to know what's light. We need sadness to know and feel the essence of being happy.

Working for our salvation means keeping our faith stronger until it becomes indestructible. We are saved by grace but I believe salvation will be given if we stop doubting.

So how will our faith be tested? There are a lot of ways, like doubting that praying can cure us, help us with our problems, feel bad for our failures, regret the things that we have done, being afraid and the list goes on.

I believe that faith can move mountains. I am working for my salvation through strengthening my faith and for preparing for the greatest challenge that the opposite side wants me to experience just to blame God for my sorrows and let go of Him. I don't want that to happen and that's what I am working for.

It's a Miracle, Don't be blind

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God is showing us miracles every day, every hour, every minute and every second of our lives. People takes for granted the things that our Father is giving us simply because the miracles that they wanted to see and receive were not granted.

Having my duties in the hospital while I was still in the Philippines made me reflect about the conditions of the patients. God is giving us supplies like air, water and food for us to live; but not only that, He had given us our life in order for us to enjoy His creation. It is really amazing (yes, amazing) how some people die even though they are healthy, how some people live even though they have illness or disease and how some people continues to live after they were declared as dead.

Well it's not just in the hospital that you can clearly see how God works. Look around you. Isn't it amazing how we are not yet drowned considering that the Earth is mostly made up of water?We are just like a speck of a dust in His hands and yet He never forgets to give us the things that we need.

Everything is a miracle. Nothing is just coincidence.

You are still here because God is not yet done with you. He still have plans for you. It may be that you are the instrument that He wants to use or the one who is needed to be saved. Thank God for that miracle.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When My Cross Becomes Too Heavy to Carry

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"God will not give you a cross that you can't carry."

Since I was young my mom would always remind me about that saying and that actually motivates me to face trials and trust God. I believe that He loves me so much and that He will not give me anything that I could not handle.

But recently as I was talking to a friend about problems in life, I wondered why is it that some people thinks that God is giving them too much.

These are some of the things that I had reflected...Take time to ponder about it. This may be the reasons why your cross becomes too heavy to carry.

We live as if we are in a maze where in Jesus is the one guiding us on our way out. It means we should follow Him no matter what happens. Along the way of our journey with Jesus, He stops by and help other people as well and of course we should also help the people we see in our way. In addition to the setting, yes, we are carrying a cross. The cross symbolizes our willingness to survive the journey just like how we carry foods and drinks when we hike.

And then you ask, "So why is my cross heavy and it seems like I can't find my way out?"

I believe that the following can be the reason:

1. The people that we helped during our journey (familiar with winning souls for Jesus? That's it!) are the ones that will also help us carry the cross. The reason why your cross seems to be heavy than other's is that you failed to help others. Remember that we should win souls, help other people, pray for others and share the kindness of God. In the simplest term-two heads are better than one.

2. You've become so anxious to go out of the maze and you started to think that following Jesus will take some time because following Him means stopping by and helping others. So you decided to take the opposite way and carried the cross alone. The result? You are starting to feel that your cross is heavy and that you had taken the longer trip.

3. Jesus is teaching you and giving you advices on how to carry your cross properly but you failed to listen because you believe that following Him will be enough. My friend, following Jesus means you should also completely trust Him. God wants you to be saved that's why He sent His Son, now stop having doubts and just listen!

4. God is good and He is definitely not like your boss although He is in the position to be bossy. When you are tired of taking the journey and carrying your cross, just simply say it. Don't be shy and just humble your selves to ask for a rest. God will listen and He sure will grant you that rest when you completely trust that He can do that for you. After all, God wants you to enjoy the journey. It may be rough in the beginning but the only key is TRUST for you to enjoy being a follower of Christ.

5. My friend, don't be shy to go back to the way of Jesus. Even if you parted in the past, Jesus will still be waiting for you to follow Him. Humble your self and go back to the right track. You know that His way is the only way, so stop being stubborn!
I know some of you will not agree about this but this actually helped me carry my cross.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seafoods Cook Off

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My parents taught me how to cook since I was 10 and I had joined contests about cooking as early as that age. I learned by just observing my parents while they cook and observe the ingredients of a dish whenever I eat in a restaurant. I love to experiment and explore the cook book.

Recently my dad and his friends involve their selves into fishing and we actually eat what they got. It is really great because we are able to eat fish for free and at the same time it's fresh. I love seafoods and most of all shrimps.

In connection to my love of shrimps and seafoods, I had recently visited an awesome website wherein chefs from the different states of America are having a cook off challenge for using domestic and sustainable seafoods in their recipe. Domestic seafoods are really great because not only it is fresh but also it taste better.

Among the entries my favorite is the recipe of Chef Mark Holley from Texas.

over hominy cakes with heirloom tomato relish drizzled with prickly pear gastrique
It looks really delicious and the shrimps are mouth watering! I will try to cook this and make it spicy and of course with no tequila.
How can I copy this? Well the great deal about is that you can copy or download the recipes and if you vote for your favorite recipe, just like what I did, you will have the chance to win a packaged trip to New Orleans! How cool is that?
Check out the site and explore new recipes using seafoods. Try the recipes from the cook off chefs and vote.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Renew Your Skin NOW!

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I know I said in my previous post that being flawless is NOT the key to happiness but I didn't say that you should not do anything to make you feel and look good. Of course you have to maintain the gift that God has given you.

My mother and I have been using Proactiv for a long time because of break outs and it really helped us. But, I just don't want to have a face that doesn't have acne and pimples. I also want to have a clear and smooth skin.

I've been using these products for a week now and it actually works like magic....

Introducing the product that gives us a radiantly beautiful finish and helps cover fine lines and wrinkles of my mom. ^_^

Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Makeup
by CoverGirl and it is recommended by Olay
and the product that makes my skin brighter and gives me a healthy glow is the
Olay Regenerist Thermal Polisher
The water activated thermal polisher is a micro-crystal formula that works away dry and dead skin cells to help you achieve a professional mini-peel.
Only Olay touches my

The Happiest People on Earth

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This family doesn't have a wide place to sleep but they can still share their bed for the cat and the dog. The water is pouring from the roof but they can still put a smile on their face.
The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems,
but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.
Keep Smiling Always.

Read "Being Flawless is the Key to Happiness" which is similar to this post.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Chat Session with God : My Doubts

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After I had finally accepted God in my life, I started to read the Bible as often as I could. That's when I discovered God talks to me through it. I talk to Him and open the Bible and there I can hear His reply. I am always amaze by how easy it is to contact Him. He actually listens and answers my questions, cries, worries and even my doubts. We talk just like how I talk to my friends online. I say something and they reply. I talk to God, open the Bible and there He replies. I was amazed because I can actually understand the Bible. Unlike before, I only see it as a boring book full of symbols. I am not the kind who memorizes the verses but I read it and understand it just like a child listening to her father's lectures.

But my connection with God didn't stop me from having doubts. I worried so much because I can not understand His plans and commands. My soul became weak and I didn't even attempt to fight the temptation of my laziness. I know in my heart that I love God and my heart talks to Him even without me knowing that I am already calling Him. I talked but I stopped listening.

He started telling me what to do, where to go and how to act. I love letting the Holy Spirit guide me but I started to regret when some people started to call me names. They don't understand and I can't blame them. I became tired following the way of Christ.

But that didn't last long because God didn't want me to go. He doesn't want any of His children to go.

God made a way for me to listen to Him again and I let go of my spirit. Our class was chosen by our English teacher to perform a Christian Song at the prayer gathering of a certain group in our school. The whole night, we sang, jumped and danced for Him. I started crying because I missed God so much and I felt how much He missed me too.

When I got home, I prayed and thanked Him for helping me again. I praised Him. I worshipped Him. I told my Father that I missed Him and I love Him with all my heart.

And He replied:

The Lord says,
"Do you think I sent my people away like a man who divorces his wife?
Where, the, are the papers of divorce?
Do you think I sold you into captivity like a man who sells his children as slaves?
No, you went away captive because of your sins; you were sent away because of your crimes.

Why did my people fail to respond when I went to them to save them?
Why did they not answer when I called?
Am I too weak to save them?
I can dry up the sea with a command and turn rivers into a desert, so that the fish in them die
for lack of water.
I can make the sky turn dark, as if it were in mourning for the dead."

-ISAIAH 50:1-3

I know that I am weak but never again will I doubt His plans. I know that He is testing me, molding and preparing me for His coming. I believe that my faith is stronger now and I trust Him that He will not put me into danger because He loves me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Movies for Free

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Dennis, my guy's brother, introduced me to a website this morning where I can watch movies for free. Yes! It is really for free and they have a lot of movie collections. I am so glad I met this site because I hate buying DVDs and paying for pay-per-views.

I watched Baby Mama a while ago and I enjoyed it very much. It is about a 37-year old single successful businesswoman who wants to have her own baby but discovered she couldn't because of the shape of her uterus. She tried to adopt but she wasn't granted so she decided to pay for a surrogate mother to carry her child.

I love the humor of the movie and the storyline.

Btw click here to visit the site so you can enjoy their collection...Enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Chat Session with God : The Letter of Acceptance

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I made this letter after I had finally reflected and prayed for wisdom to understand and accept the event, miracle or the gift that God had given me during my debut last December 29, 2007.

Dear GOd,

For more than 18 years that You had let me borrow my life, I am very sorry for not knowing how to thank you for it. You are so good to me Father. You never forsake me..You always remind me of your love. It is just so amazing that you Had let Your Son Jesus die for us. It is so amazing that even if we fail to serve You, You never forget to supply us the things that we need in order for us to live.

I am sorry God, for not seeing this before. We often cry asking for blessings and some even say that You had already forgotten them. I am sorry Father, for it is us your children who forgets. We have so much time for talking, making up stories, hurting other people, fighting, flirting, hating, to be online, to text, to curse, to watch our favorite show, to critize the things that we see, to think bad and to plan for evil stuffs but we always say "I am sorry Lord I haven’t prayed because I am busy". I am sorry Father for often saying that it is already enough for we had attended service last Sunday. I am sorry for most of us laugh when others offer a long prayer during our classes or any meetings. I am sorry for most of us feels awkward when we speak about you and some of us made other people feel uncomfortable talking about you. I am sorry Lord for we often doubt your love, kidness and some even Your existence. I am sorry for most of us are ashamed to shout out loud that we love you. Too many things to be sorry Lord but you never made it hard for us to ask for your forgiveness. Even before we speak God, you immediately give us your sweetest smile and your warm embrace to made us feel loved. We often worry Lord if you could still accept us but thank you Father for reminding us through the cross that You had once saved us and You will always be there saving us from our sins. Father, I would also like to say sorry if some of our beliefs and ways are not Yours..Forgive us Father for it is how we are raised but please let us know if it is wrong so we could change it. Tell us if we are already following the false prophets.

Thank you Lord for your kindness. Thank you for letting us feel your presence even in this modern age. Thank you for letting your fire fall down and for always hearing our prayer. Thank you for giving me courage and strength to shout to the world that I am yours. You the Lord of the Earth had cared to know my name and cared to feel my hurt. Thank you for being the best friend a man could ever have. Thank you for talking to me and answering me literally. I know i don’t have the right to challenge you to prove Your self, but You did helped me strengthen my faith. You helped me prove to my self that you are there waiting for us to talk to you. Thank you for being in my room and watch me cry when i pray and at the same time for being there for the people that i love to keep them safe. Thank you for sending people to hug me whenever I long for your embrace. At the same time for touching the hearts of the people to comfort me when I am down. Sometimes I know You think it is funny whenever i ask you to hug me but you are so good Father for letting me feel it. Most of all, thank you Lord for changing me..i would never be the same God. Thank you.

Father, you know what my heart wants so i would no longer speak. It is just amazing how You had made me speak through my heart. You know what I deserve and I am ready for your challenges so it is ok for me whatever things that you will give. Father just take care of the people that i love.

For more than 18 years Lord that you had given me so much blessings i think it is time for me now to serve you. This time Father..It is not me about asking for anything…I will leave everything in Your mighty name…I will just praise, worship and glorfiy your Name Lord. Instruct me Lord..tell me what to do and tell it to me cleary about how can I make you happy. You won’t call my name for nothing Lord, I know that. So please speak to me clearly. I am ready now Lord. I am willing to serve you now… You know how painful it is Lord for knowing that you speak yet i can’t understand. But I know making it so hard for me to understand is one of your plans to strengthen me.

I love you Lord. I love your Son. I love your Spirit.

your child,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vanilla Mood

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As I was searching for a Mission Impossible video in Youtube a while ago, I stumble upon the video of an awesome Japanese quartet.

The group that I am talking about is the Vanilla Mood. All four girls play their instrument of choice, Waka on flute, Yui on violin, Mariko on cello, and Keiko on piano.

Watch the video. They are amazing!

A Chat Session with God : Introduction

6:45 AM 1 Comments
Everytime I am asked to give a description about my blog, I always say that my blog is personal and that my opinions are based on my faith and beliefs as a Christian. The odd thing is that some people expects my blog to be more about preaching and has saintly thoughts. I had received comments from other communities reacting about my flirt it right entry, my thoughts about my horoscope, my entry about the rosary and the I am a "Christian" description.

First of all; even though I am a Catholic, I am still willing to participate and listen to other religion's teachings. I believe in God and I worship and praise Him with all my heart. I believe that religions are just like schools, colleges or universities. It is created to help us mold our personality and guide us through our journey as a Christian. So don't tell me that your beliefs are the right ones because the peachings in our churches are just the same. It is done by ordinary people (Priests, Pastors, etc) that are blessed, guided and used by the Holy Spirit to spread the right interpretation of the verses in the Bible. Without the intervention of the Holy Spirit, their lectures would become null. That's why we need to keep our faith strong and pray for the people who preaches the word of God so that they will not give us their own interpretation and own lectures.

In my conclusion for that issue; I believe that if the people who are preaching to us are truly an instrument of God, it doesn't matter anymore on which religion we belong because their teachings will still be the same. The only thing that should differ us from other religions are their practices. Just like how Filipinos were taught to use opo, po, kuya and ate to show respect while Americans call their elders by first name and yet they can still show their respect.

Second; Yes I am a Christian and I know how deep is my faith, but I believe that I don't need to explain everything to people about when and how my faith was strengthened. I know my blog is really mixed because I consider it as my world. My world consists a lot of things but since you wanted it I've decided to share and post my personal experiences and my sessions with God from time to time. I hope it will inspire you to be closer to Him too. Father Swamy (check his website) said that I should live normally but I guess living normally means it's ok for me to share and inspire others as well. I am glad some people provoked me to do this. ^_^

Lastly; I might not update this entry always because there are things that are too private but I promise to share my experiences as long as I can. I will also allow you to share your own thoughts about it.

"If you want to talk to somebody when you are sad, mad, happy or even bored; call God! God's line will never be busy. It's the cheapest call in town because it doesn't cost a penny. It is the most convenient because you can do it any time and any where."